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Lindsay Martin, The Lifestyle Mogul! Founder of She Space, women's lifestyle coach, and your empowerment partner!

I'm Lindsay Martin. I'm a passionate fempreneur, a proud wife, and a fur-mama to five! We live in Texas, specifically the Dallas area. My passions are Jesus, anything outdoors, and being fabulous!

I first created my business with the intent to help women with their health, specifically PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It's quickly evolved and grown into a women's lifestyle brand that focuses on helping women in all aspects of life through health, empowerment, and beauty.

We try to keep it fun here, while keepin' it real. You'll find TONS of motivation and inspo, free tips & tricks, health supplements, beauty how-to's and fashion finds! I've most recently added blogging so I can dive deeper into life experiences, and opening up my world to you. 

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