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Lifestyle Mentorship

Empowerment comes in many forms. Some women seek empowerment through their careers, some through their families, and some through their faith. Empowerment can come in all of these forms, and more! How you discover those forms of empowerment will be up to you and the path you embrace to get there. Book a Discovery Call today to begin your path to believe+receive and claim all that you desire!


VIP Private Lifestyle Mentorship

Isn't it time you take back control? Aren't you ready to step in boldly? When you work with Lindsay you're not just hiring a mentor, you're partnering with your personal growth and empowerment champion.

Together you and Lindsay will..

  • Discover your obstacles and learn to how to manage your approach

  • Dive deep into your desires and find what's really holding you back

  • Learn to manage spiritual, mental, and physical blocks

  • Create a strategy that will align you with the steps to take for confident success

Are you READY to take the leap of faith to believe+receive and claim all that you desire?


Imagine your life being a step closer to what you were created for!


Customized VIP Lifestyle Mentorship Program

Either 3 month or 6 Month Plan   


  • Health - Lifestyle Health+Wellness Guidance                                                                         

  • Empowerment - Visionary & Motivational Coaching (Business or Personal)                                                                                                   

  • Beauty - Personal Image Consultant

Access to Accountability Texts

WEEKLY Connections (Zoom or In-Person)

*To learn more about all areas covered book a Discovery Call TODAY!

When you book a FREE 30-minute discovery call, you will discuss your goals, challenges and the results you desire. Together with Lindsay, you will determine how Lifestyle Mentorship best suits you.

How is a discovery call helpful?  When feeling overwhelmed, it can be difficult to make decisions. By jumping on this call with Lindsay, you will have the opportunity to receive support, guidance, and understanding.

Click Discovery Call below to book TODAY!

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