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Lindsay Martin

Want Lindsay to speak or host your next engagement? With more than a decade of experience in corporate and entrepreneurship, Lindsay brings vast knowledge & added value to others. Lindsay also has personal experience in women's health, empowerment, & beauty.

See below to book Lindsay, and a list of motivational topics Lindsay speaks on.

Learning to manage your lifestyle, not letting IT manage you

  • Time Management

  • Becoming empowered to make decisions

  • Posturing yourself to achieve your goals

  • Achieving the lifestyle your desire

She FITology

  • Hosting fitness events & bootcamps

  • Women's whole body, mind, & soul health & wellness

  • Education on women's hormones & PCOS

  • Learning the balance of nutrition & fitness with a busy life

It's not a mess, it's your message! How to overcome & conquer

  • Getting out of the trenches of life

  • Using your voice to share your story

  • Making lessons stepping stones

  • Becoming a powerhouse of self-confidence

Letting the light shine through

  • Overcoming your past & trauma

  • How your experiences are what shape the new you

  • Seeking light in a life that seems dark

  • Learning healthy boundaries

Empowered Faith

  • Creating a morning & evening routine

  • Leaning not on our understanding

  • Stepping into your purpose

  • Learning to Ask, Believe, & Receive

Making an IMPACT

  • Capturing your dreams

  • Being a POWERHOUSE woman in alpha world

  • Dress to IMPRESS, from shabby to chic

  • Taking one business step at a time

  • Knowing the right business choices for your career

  • Learning and understanding business systems & marketing plans

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