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My Mission to Empower Women


Hey Sister!

I'm Lindsay, The Lifestyle Mogul! I'm your Lifestyle Mentor, Nutrition+Fitness Educator, Empowerment Champion, & Emotional Organizer™!

Are you ready to believe, receive, and claim all that you desire with a total mind + body transformation? You will discover your strengths and abilities to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals on this journey. No more bland diets. No more daunting exercises. Prepare yourself for an abundance of possibilities.


Why mind + body transformation? Our minds are so powerful, with one split decision we can either be depleted or, we can be completed. You will no longer be chained to a defeated mindset!

Don't keep doing the same ol' "I'll do it tomorrow", to only wake up to 'tomorrow' actually being a week, a month, a year later! Today is when you start. Today is when you take back your life to believe, receive and claim all that you desire!

How can I be so confident this will work? I was someone who was stuck, struggling, and staying in a vicious cycle. I had to learn to overcome my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I had to learn to create a healthy lifestyle for both my physical health, and my mental health. I've worked with many women who have overcome their fears and obstacles, and have taken back their lives!

VIP Lifestyle Mentorship

VIP mentoring is exclusively available to ladies seeking

long-term support in their journey

  • Customized Plan

    • Mentorship covers the following areas:

      • Health: Lifestyle Health+Wellness Guidance

      • Empowerment: Business Consulting or Personal Coaching

      • Beauty: Personal Image Consultant

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FITology™ Programs

A program that fits your needs & goals! All of our wellness plans are pre-programed guides, already Done For You!

Lifestyle Mentorship not included. 

  • 4 Week  Nutrition & Fitness  

  • 12 Week Nutrition & Fitness

  • 16 Week Nutrition & Fitness


-Online Platform Access

-Daily Checklist with Affirmations

-Gratitude Journaling Sheet

-Weekly Meal Planner

-Healthy Food Choices

-Portion Control Guide


-Exercise Calendar

-Exercise Guide & Videos

-Fitness Tracker

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The top answer most women give when asked what it is they're seeking, is COMMUNITY! With She Space Lifestyle we offer wellness education, support, community, and an abundance of motivation to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

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"This amazing woman has been there for me throughout my triumphs and struggles when it comes to my weight loss journey and living a healthier lifestyle. She taught me a lot about what foods I should be fueling my body with, and helped me see how attainable my goals are. Lindsay is always motivating me and inspiring me to do my best!"



Amy is down 50 pounds! She feels healthier and has been able to balance her hormones and PCOS!
Krista is down 30 pounds! She found freedom in her PCOS lifestyle changes, and feels better for herself and her family!
Connie dropped 20 pounds! She was able to see results quickly, and found a better balance in her gut health!
Patricia gained 10 lbs to achieve lean muscle build, tighten & tone. She now feels she can have freedom with food to keep her hormones balanced to stay happy & healthy!
Eva dropped 10 lbs! She felt better about herself and her confidence grew that she could accomplish her goals!
Lindsay's own journey! Lindsay was not only living an unhealthy lifestyle both physically & mentally, she was beginning to see and feel her body & mind were being punished. After being diagnosed with PCOS, she was able to take her life back by managing it, and not letting it manage her anymore. After working with doctors, lobbying in D.C. for PCOS and women's health, Lindsay began to find that millions of women also needed the same help she had sought years before. For over a decade now Lindsay has become an expert in health & wellness, and is now helping women around the world manage their PCOS, their health, and their mindset!