How's Your Gut!?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Did you know that parasites could be LIVING INSIDE OF YOU?! I know, scary! This is more of the extreme side of poor gut health but it's not to say it isn't important to pay attention to. For argument sake let's say more than likely majority of us aren't living with parasites but, we are likely living with poor gut health. Our poop says a lot about what's going on inside of our guts, and is exactly why paying attention to your gut health is SO IMPORTANT! More times than not you are told that what you eat is the key to a healthy gut, while true, but what you aren't told is that you could also be lacking important nutrients to digest those foods.

(To see a video demo on gut health skip to the end of this blog)


  • Gas & Bloat

  • Diarrhea (Go too often & dehydrated)

  • Constipation (Don't go enough & dehydrated)

  • Inflammation

  • Mood Swings/Disorders

  • Poor Concentration

  • Skin Inflammation & Acne

  • Sugar Cravings

  • Chronic Fatigue & Poor Sleep Pattern

  • Weight Gain & Obesity

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Chronic Stress

If you're anything like me you likely checked off 3+, 5+...okay I checked off EIGHT of those signs of poor gut health! Y'all, that is way too many symptoms to be living with to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Honestly, just one of those is too much to be living with. Here's the kicker for me, I am often told, "You look so healthy, I bet nothing is wrong with you..", well sister..You just heard it here first, straight from the source, my insides are killing me! How are you not able to tell on the outside you might ask? For one, I exercise. Two, I take care of my skin daily! Three, I watch what I eat. I'm not perfect, I skip days in all of these areas, and I enjoy myself in all of these areas as well, but overall I keep it balanced. I struggle though, a lot. Living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a daily battle, top on poor gut health and it's a recipe for internal havoc!

How Do We Win The War On Poor Gut Health!?

  • Clean Up Your Diet (This is the toughest area for people. I suggest starting with "swaps" - Swap "This" unhealthy item for "That" healthier item. If you need help contact me HERE.)

  • Exercise, At least 3-5 Times/Week (You need to sweat out the toxins and raise your endorphins)

  • HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! (H2O, not sodas, not teas, not carbonated water.. hint: carbonation = inflammation)

  • Enzymes with Probiotics & Prebiotics (Not all supplements are created equal, hard-pressed pills are harder to digest, non-vegan/manufactured pills are not ideal)

Let's touch on the Enzymes and why these are so crucial to adding into your daily regimen. Enzyme Blend unlocks the nutrients in your food to contribute to better nutrition and overall health. So exactly how does that work? Breaks down lactose, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins. Supports healthy digestion of cooked and processed foods. Releases trapped nutrients from food. Helps relieve the feeling of bloating. Supports healthy bowel regularity. Soothes stomach.

Turning Pudding Into Water!!!

THIS!! This is what adding an enzyme, with probiotics & prebiotics can do for your digestive system and improve your gut health. The pudding represents the foods you eat and the sludge it turns into by sitting in your body, backed up turning into toxins! The enzyme stirred into the pudding helps you see how powerful the supplement is at breaking down the foods you consume, naturalizing your digestive system and giving you a healthy gut.

As I stated before, not all supplements are created equal. The ones represented in the video are plant based/vegan-friendly, gluten free! For more information on these go HERE. For additional support contact me HERE.

I love hearing from y’all and connecting more so leave your comments on this blog!

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