Have You Created Your She Space™?!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We have pretty much all seen the glamorous walk-in closets of the rich & famous. As we scroll on social media we "ooo & aww" at the cute spaces we see in other people's homes. More times than not though, we can feel a lot of that isn't attainable, or wonder how can we create something similar without spending an arm & a leg?! As I was scrolling one day I saw a walk-in closet space and I 'bout fell over y'all! I had to have IT! As I began researching I found this space cost this person $10,000!!! Uhh.. no thanks! So, I took matters into my own hands and began designing something similar to hers.

It's Not About How Much You Spend, It's About How You Spend It!

I started my journey with going to the most essential stores for my decor.. Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, & Target. I began grabbing items around the house and transforming them to use in my spot. Last but certainly not least, I took a design to IKEA and within minutes a lady has created my closet space almost to the T of the other closet. How much for my closet space you ask? Well without the decor...$650!! That's a HUGE difference from $10,000! I was so excited y'all! As soon as we got the boxes home I pulled out the 263963 pieces (for anyone who has never purchased from IKEA it's literally every. single. piece. you do yourself), but I didn't care I was so ready to have this closet put in. Once it was complete I immediately grabbed all my favorite items from our master closet and started putting them in their perfect places. We hung the floating shelves, added the decor, and hung pictures around the room.

My favorite spot in this space however, is my spirit spot. I have a comfy blue chair in the corner where I can face the room and look at everything, and it's the spot where I do all my Bible studies, all my prayin' and talkin' to Jesus. I have so many little things about this space that make it perfectly mine. So you may be wondering how in the world did I come up with She Space™? I was walking into the room one day and felt this push to name it something. It needed a name so it could be recognized, it needed a name so other women could understand how to have one of their own. A lot of us have heard of She Sheds and I thought..ehh that's for the outside this is my space inside...and BAM! I jumped up and yelled, "SHE SPACE!" Y'all, if you know anything about me, it's that I am an insanely creative person. I am always trying to come up with fun and catchy ideas for expanding my brand to help more and more women, so when this idea came about I was so excited!

I'ts A Safe Place, It's Your Space, It's She Space

You might be wondering why I think women having a space of their own is important. Whether it's a She Shed, a She Space™, or a quiet space.. women having their own area for peace and quiet to spend it however they please, I truly believe can be releasing. I can come into my She Space and unwind, relax, pray, I even work my business in here, I'm actually typing this blog from my She Space. I dabble in fashion and make-up in here, I record all of my motivational videos and social media lives in here. When I shut the door to my She Space my mind transforms, my confidence kicks up a notch, and most importantly any energy that doesn't belong in this space with me..gets left at the door. I don't bring my problems in here, unless it's me bringing them to God. She Space is meant for inspiring, motivating, peace, and fun!

She Space™ has become more than just a spot in our home to me, it's become a movement. It's a part of the Lifestyle Mogul brand where we focus on health+empowerment+beauty. Everything that the LM brand embodies can be wrapped up in She Space™ visually, physically, and energetically. It's not just a walk-in closet, or an office, or a quiet spot in the house..it's a safe place, it's your space, it's she space!

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