You'll Never Be Perfect

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Hey sister! I’m Lindsay Martin and this is my very first blog, ever! I am beyond excited to be adding a blog to my business, at the same time it’s scary as heck to do. I mean, to sit here and actually vomit my life out to others is definitely not something I thought I would be doing for a living and yet, here I am in all my (crazy) glory. Recently Brad (my husband) and I moved back to the Dallas area and since then I have been led to change the direction in how I serve women. If you don’t know me then here’s a bit to get ready.. I’m bold & blunt, I can get a little cray, I’m caring, I’ll use humor..a lot, and most importantly I’m on your side. Alright, let’s rip the band-aid off already, are y’all ready?! Me too!!

I want to take it back a bit to my twenties. A time when I thought I knew everything and didn’t have a clue! I was a determined little spirit, and still am, but I was a stubborn one too (and still am). I had a career that was thriving, I was independent, and I was at times traveling the world. Would seem so amazing right?! The darker side though were meltdowns, anxiety attacks, too much alcohol, and not enough Jesus. I had so much pain and anger, the depression and anxiety were so bad that I struggled to even fake a smile. What was I struggling with? Bad choices in life for one and trying to pretend that everything was fine. It took me an entire decade to make better choices, to choose better friends, to love my family and myself, and to have a true relationship with Christ, not just a surface level one. Let’s fast forward just a bit to present day, mid-thirties. This is a happier time! I have a solid relationship with Christ, I have an amazing husband, my family is my rock, and my tribe of women is endless! Now with all that said, does that mean I no longer struggle? Nope. I deal with anxiety and depression, I have extreme OCD, we recently endured a miscarriage, marriage is hard, building a business is mind boggling (can I throw AF in there?!). I mean heck just being a woman is a job! However, how I handle obstacles in my life now is much different, and I don’t always cover it up anymore..okay sometimes I still do!

If you AT ALL are feeling me on “the struggle is real”, then keep reading girl! What is the struggle anyhow? Striving for perfection! Stop trying to be perfect, you aren’t perfect, and you never will be. Does that sting a little bit? Good! I want your attention on this one. I’m talking about trying to be everywhere, for everyone, doing the most all the time because we feel the pressure to showcase, “we got it together”. There’s pressure on being too skinny, too overweight, too short, too tall, too dark, too light, too lazy, too busy, food isn’t cooked, house isn’t clean, not social enough, too social, too career driven, helicopter mom..the list goes on and on and on.


With you sister, that’s where it ends. Give yourself the love that you are worthy of, give yourself the grace that you need, and give yourself the permission you deserve. It’s okay to make mistakes, Lord knows I’ve made plenty! Anyone feeding you a load of crap that their life is just fine and dandy, no problems ever.. Girl run, they ain’t your people! We are trying to give this idea to others that “It’s fine, everything is fine”, when it’s not. It’s okay to have some meltdowns, it’s okay if not everyone likes you, and it’s okay to have a bad day. What isn’t okay is trying to be perfect. This striving for perfection is what’s causing the real struggle! Having the kitchen towel perfectly folded and placed on the island (guilty!) isn’t going to make a difference in your life. Saying YES to every event even though it’s wearing you down, isn’t serving you. If a simple task is causing you anxiety or filling your calendar has you wanting to hide under the covers then it’s time to take a step back. Decide what is going to make a difference in your life, what can wait, and what’s most important.

By breaking perfectionism in your life you’re also claiming authority in your life. Do you even know what authority looks like in your own life?! Seriously, take a few minutes and think about that, are you claiming authority in your own life, or is someone or something else? My hopes for you after reading this is that you:

  • Know you’re not alone

  • Now have clarity on why you feel frozen or unfulfilled

  • Can break the paralysis of perfection!!

Don’t allow anyone to define what your happiness looks like; you own that sister! Be the one who begins to make the decisions in your life of what it looks like, how it feels, and how you want it to happen.

I want to leave you with a little homework. I challenge you to journal about the areas in your life you feel perfection has taken over and is the real culprit for the struggles in your life. Write down what they are, how it makes you feel, and ways you can change it. You might even take it a step further and write what your life looks like if you break the perfection!

I love hearing from y’all and connecting more so leave your comments on this blog, and if you’re brave enough, I’d love to hear excerpts from your journals!

Believe, Receive, + Claim all that you desire



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