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Media Vlog Series

Lindsay has been featured and interviewed as a guest on podcasts and shows! 
You can also watch Lindsay's own She Space series!

Podcast & YouTube Interview

With Tim McCarthy

from 20TIMinutes

Listen to Tim & Lindsay talk about mental health, have some laughs, and even play a little rock, paper, scissors.


To hear the 20 minute Podcast version on iTunes or Spotify click below.


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Spotify HERE 

To connect more with Tim McCarthy follow him on his social media HERE and his YouTube HERE

YouTube Interview

With Tiffany Hendra


Tiffany and Lindsay speak deeply on women's issues, empowerment, and mental health. Touching on their top FIVE to THRIVE, Tiffany & Lindsay dive into how women can use these to better their lifestyles & mindsets

To connect more with Tiffany Hendra follow her on her social media HERE and connect with her more on her YouTube channel HERE